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3 Things To Know About SEO in 2020

3 Things To Know About SEO in 2020

What do you really know about #SEO? You’ve probably heard that it can help you reach the elusive first page of #Google, transform your business, and buy you that Porsche GT3RS (I’m projecting a little). But how does it all work? Is it expensive? Aren’t SEO people shady? Who can I trust to manage SEO campaigns? How did Aaron Gordon lose the dunk contest?? OK so truth is, yes, SEO is complicated! Yes, algorithms change and it can be daunting to keep up. The good news is that just like so many things in life, some things never change: 1) Fundamentals matter – understanding the basics of SEO and focusing more on a clear and executable #strategy than trendy tactics will help you reach your goals 2) Employing unethical methods for short term gain will always be punished, so don’t fall for quick turnaround scams. Which leads to point number three… 3) It takes time to see results! Literally no #business owner I know wants to hear this but it’s the truth. Treat your #SEOcampaign like a Chia Pet: water it daily and BE PATIENT Don’t be afraid of the big bad SEO monster. Got questions? Let’s chat and figure out what makes sense for you and your business. #marketing
3 Things To Know About SEO in 2020

Popular Long Island Microblading Boutique Gets Branding Boost From Olive Branch Digital

Babe with a Blade in Hewlett, Long Island, NY launched this summer to much fanfare and amazing growth. The chic semi-permanent makeup boutique provides a range of premium services in a luxurious setting, including microblading, powder brows, Xtreme Lashes, eyebrow shading, teeth whitening, and more.

Owner Nicole DaCosta-Finocchio has dubbed her flawlessly decorated shop “The Babe Cave” and her immensely loyal clients travel from far and wide to receive her treatments and take selfies in front of a pink flower wall which boasts the brand’s logo.

The logo, brand colors, typography, and website were created by Olive Branch Digital’s lead designer Fenton Joseph, in partnership with DaCosta-Finocchio. “This has been probably my favorite branding project ever.” says Joseph.

“When you have a client who is willing to give you creative control and trust you with the wellbeing of their business, it’s not only inspiring and humbling, but also creates a winning scenario for all parties.” he continues. “I know what is at stake and I always work hard to overdeliver. I am so happy that Nicole is so excited about her brand and website. The success of her online marketing campaigns which heavily leverage her brand assets, and the subsequent success of the business shows how important solid branding and design really are.”

Olive Branch Digital provides web design, branding, and strategy consulting to startups and established businesses alike. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help your small to medium size businesses.

3 Things To Know About SEO in 2020

20 Best Fonts for Stylish and Sophisticated Logo Design

Fonts make or break a webpage. Imagine a webpage with nothing but words and a white background (no beautiful images to save the day). If the font is unattractive and unbalanced, then the entire page is going to be a turnoff. Yikes!

A few of these fonts certainly get used in my own projects, and they’re pretty popular around the internet in general. I love that Avenir is number one because, well, it’s pretty awesome and I use it a lot. Proxima Nova (#12) is a paid font who’s free alternative (Montserrat) I happen to actually prefer!

Take time to learn the different styles of fonts available to you and how you should employ them based on the project needs. You can explore fonts using websites like, Adobe Fonts, and of course Google Fonts. DaFont offers many free fonts, Adobe Fonts requires a subscription to their service, and Google Fonts are installed via embeddable code or CSS. So there is something for every level of development expertise. It’s worth noting that Google Fonts are integrated in many web builders at no extra cost.

So check out this list from Wix and let me know which are you favourite fonts!

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