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20 Best Fonts for Stylish and Sophisticated Logo Design

Fonts make or break a webpage. Imagine a webpage with nothing but words and a white background (no beautiful images to save the day). If the font is unattractive and unbalanced, then the entire page is going to be a turnoff. Yikes!

A few of these fonts certainly get used in my own projects, and they’re pretty popular around the internet in general. I love that Avenir is number one because, well, it’s pretty awesome and I use it a lot. Proxima Nova (#12) is a paid font who’s free alternative (Montserrat) I happen to actually prefer!

Take time to learn the different styles of fonts available to you and how you should employ them based on the project needs. You can explore fonts using websites like dafont.com, Adobe Fonts, and of course Google Fonts. DaFont offers many free fonts, Adobe Fonts requires a subscription to their service, and Google Fonts are installed via embeddable code or CSS. So there is something for every level of development expertise. It’s worth noting that Google Fonts are integrated in many web builders at no extra cost.

So check out this list from Wix and let me know which are you favourite fonts!

via Wix Blog

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